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Women and BHRT

Millions of women suffer from hormonal imbalance causing them to feel like a stranger in their own skin. 

Hormone depletion can begin in a woman’s body as early as her 30’s and can be the culprit behind numerous ailments including:

Irregular menstrual cycle, Pre-menstrual syndrome, Moodiness, Infertility, Fibrocystic, Sleep Disturbances, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Decreased Libido, Paniful Sexual Intercourse, Vaginal Dryness, and Post-partum depression.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT for short is used to improve overall health and the symptoms that are often associated with perimenopause, menopause, and postmenapause in women. Bioidentical hormones are natural hormones that have the same chemical structure as hormones made by your own body. Natural hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are easily metabolized, allowing your body to incorporate them without the negative side effects often associated with them.

How We Can Help

Our Pharmacists can work with you and your doctor to create an effective BHRT program. When a woman has gone through menopause, BHRT can help to minimize the effects of the change of life by bringing hormones back into balance. Effective BHRT actually mimics what a woman’s body does naturally. We prepare hormones in a variety of strengths and dosage forms including capsules, topical solutions, troches, suppositories, or drops to best meet the individual needs of the patient. As the therapy progresses, our pharmacist can adjust the formulation to ensure the therapy is working effectively and is meeting the patient’s needs.

Hormones Effect Your Health

Estrogen, the most well-known hormone, plays a role in the functioning of the brain, bones and multiple organs. Loss of estrogen can put a woman at greater risk for, ovary failure, tooth loss, osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s Diseases. Progesterone is another important hormone responsible for the proper functioning of the lining and health of the uterus. Low Progesterone can leave a women open to a higher risk of certain cancers. An imbalance in Testosterone is important in the functioning of the brain and musculoskeletal system. Low levels of Testosterone can lead to loss of muscle tone, lack in mental clarity, emotional problems, low libido, and weight gain.