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Pain Management

Compounding is the the most personalized form of pain management.

Pain is a medical issue that affects millions of people. Regardless of what the pain stems from, pain management is crucial to helping patients get better and compounded medication is the most personalized form of pain management one can receive.

Compounding allows the pharmacist and doctor to work together to customize a prescription for the patient specifically. The doctor assesses the cause and level of pain and then consults with our pharmacist who can suggest the right type of medication, dosage, and strength that would is necessary for the person’s age, weight, and level of pain. Side effects like drowsiness, upset stomach, and other minor reactions can be reduced because the individual is taking a prescription that is designed specifically to manage their pain.

Custom Prescription Strengths

Because all patients vary in size, symptoms and pain tolerance, commercially available medications sometimes may not provide the appropriate dosage strengths needed. Through compounding we can provide the dosage and strength that best suits each patients’ needs specifically.

Topical Preparations – Gel, Creams and Sprays

Topical medications absorb directly through the skin and are applied directly to the area of pain, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract which helps to avoid potential side effects such as stomach upset or drowsiness.