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Improving Oncological Treatments

It is often said that the treatments for cancer are harder to live with than the disease itself. Doctors strive to help patients maintain health and quality of life throughout treatment. The side effects of chemotherapy or aggressive radiation can make patients weak and compromise their overall health which can make the addition of further medications a complicated issue. At North Fulton Compounding Pharmacy we have pharmacists with specialized training and experience to directly address these issue and help patients towards better health.

We provide treatments to ease symptoms of chemotherapy:

– Bruise reduction creams

– Mouthwash for radiation burns

– Muscular pain and wound treatment

– Topical cream for nausea

Compounding allows the doctor to prescribe a very specific combination of drugs and treatments to meet a patient’s individual needs. We are able to combine multiple treatments into one dose, minimizing the amount of time and effort a patient has to put into taking medications.

By utilizing creative formulations such as mouthwash or topical creams, we provide medications that patients who are unable to swallow pills, suffer from nausea, or have other conditions that make traditional dosage difficult, are able to take with less stress and effort. Additionally, using topical medications reduces the effectiveness lost through absorption during the digestive process as well as the potential for negative interaction with cancer treatment. This helps provide relief and symptom reduction to patients while reducing stress and fear for the patient.