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Natural Sleep Supplements

North Fulton Compounding offers several options in natural sleep aids. Below are the top pharmaceutical grade products that we carry to aid in optimal sleep. In addition to these options our pharmacist would be happy to recommend other supplements to help improve your sleep.


Magnesium deficiency is common. It can cause many sleep-related complications, including increased stress and insomnia, as well as cramping, tightness and irritation of nearly any body part. Below are 3 magnesium products we offer. All of our  magnesium products are pharmaceutical grade and are formulated to maximize absorption and cause the least amount of stomach upset.

Magnesium Products We Carry:

  • Ortho Molecular: Reacted Magnesium
  • Pure Encapsulations: Magnesium Glycinate Liquid
  • Metagenics: Meta Relax

Phosphatidylserine by Ortho Molecular:

The elevation of Coristol can be the primary cause of sleep disturbance.  Phosphatidylserine supplements reduce the amount of free coristol in your body and keep the levels of coristol balanced.

Melatonin by Life Extensions

Current research suggests that the quality of sleep and its initiation is related to the natural rise and fall of melatonin in the body. Normal day and night levels of melatonin are expected for people up to their mid-20s and then declining as we age. Scientific findings show that taking a melatonin supplement decreases the time it takes to fall asleep (“sleep latency”), increases feelings of “sleepiness,” and may increase the duration of sleep.