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Custom Prescriptions

Custom makes everything better – clothing, cars, furniture, nutritional plans, and especially medication. When something is custom it’s catered to you and your specific requests or needs. Compounding is the art and science of creating custom prescriptions for patients with the help of their doctor. With prescriptions, customization requires considering an individual’s specific symptoms, size and tolerances.

Through compounding, we make medications fit you! One of the most important benefits of compounding is our ability to offer patients medications that are free of dyes, preservatives, gluten and other allergens in the dosage that is right for their body.

Alternative Medication Forms

Patient compliance is a high priority at North Fulton Compounding Pharmacy. If medicine is easy to take, patients are more likely to take it and feel better faster.  Our alternate delivery methods, listed below, make taking medicine easier.

Oral Liquids

Medications can be compounded as oral liquids with flavor enhancement for patients who have difficulty swallowing capsules. Infants especially benefit from oral liquids as it allows parents to give prescription medicine more easily and accurately.

Troches & Lollipops

Troches, similar to a lozenge, are placed under the tongue and dissolved, allowing medication to enter the bloodstream quickly. Some troches can be chewed and swallowed by a patient who cannot or will not take a capsule or tablet. Custom flavoring is also available for these forms of medications as well as rapid dissolve tablets.

Ear Drops & Nasal Sprays

Drops and sprays are designed to work locally avoiding systemic absorption and unnecessary side effects. Multiple medications can be combined into a single dose.

Topical Preperations

Topical medications absorb directly through the skin, helping avoid potential side effects of stomach upset or drowsiness. They are prescribed for hormone replacement therapy, pain management, inflammation and nausea/vomiting.


Suppositories allow for quick absorption into the blood stream and work well for patients who have trouble taking medication orally.


Capsules can be customized to meet the unique requirements of the patient including:

  • Alternate strengths. We can prepare a dosage in a specific strength that may not be commercially available.
  • Free of dyes, preservatives, gluten or other allergens
  • Multiple medications combined into a single dosage