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Compounding Equipment

A true compounding pharmacy must have a designated area with sufficient space for the necessary equipment. Compounding equipment must be appropriate to the nature of the chemical or substance being compounded. Our pharmacists have been trained in the art of compounding as part of their educational requirements and are required to maintain all equipment for a particular task. For example, glass mortars are designed for liquid preparations while Wedgewood mortars are effectively utilized for powder preparations. Vent hoods, spatulas, weighing pads, balancing materials, pill pods, heating sources, cooling sources, and storage devices are also necessary to enhance material cohesion as well as minimize any cross-contamination or bacterial contact to the medical substances.

Additionally, proper storage is paramount to each substance or solution being compounded. Drug manufacturers provide specific directions related to how their particular chemical should be stored. Our pharmacists ensure that these directions are followed to the letter as deviating from these practices might damage the integrity of the product being compounded. There are multiple federal regulations surrounding the use of equipment, handling of chemicals, and storage of compounded materials. These regulations ensure that the quality of the chemicals is sustained and that the consumer is safe.